The Globe theatre

The Globe was amazing! What happened was that we got to watch a rehearsal and we also learnt about the history of the three Globes.The first Globe was the first theatre in London and it was called ” The Theatre” but it was burnt down after. The second Globe had no roof and looks similar to this one right now. People used cannons at the time it was built.There was gun powder inside but this time it was by accident. They used the cannon during a rehearsal.

There was lots of people in there but none of them died so that was good. The funny part was when someone’s trousers were on fire! The third one was a success and looked really good. We also got to act out What happened in Macbeth  which was fun!


Diary entry

Thursday 15th October 1040

Dear diary

Could this day get any worse? My wife has made me kill king DUNCAN! I might get executed but she says I won’t. I am feeling like a traitor. My heart is filled with guilt of murder. Why did I tell her? She is horrendously greedy. I have betrayed the king, the king who took me as a friend. What has became of my life? I ought to be a shamed of myself. I should have stood up to her and told her NO. Lady Macbeth was right, I am a coward, I am weak. I am surprised at myself for telling her and killing Duncan. People used to call me brave Macbeth, valiant Macbeth, Mighty Macbeth but now they call me weak Macbeth, coward Macbeth, wimpy Macbeth

The three ninja part3

Five years later …

Llyod was walking on the street and saw the same guy name Rosita but with 10 people heading towards one person name zane and when the knife hit him he stayed alive , he kicked every single person and frozed them to death.

the next day cole saw the same boy zane and said to him you are a new member of the ninja gang . Zane said what  but he just followed cole and then they arrived at there dragon ship . Sensai wu said who is that is it a enemy no said cole we thought he would be a good member of are ninja so sensai wu said okay .

the next day zane was walking down the street and saw a person holding a gun from the roof so he used his ice power but then he shot !

who do you think he shot ?

what will happen next ?


The biggest fight compitition

There is a two boys called Tony and Victor. They two are brother and they like two fight. One day Tony and Victor is in fighting compitition. Tony is a good fighter but Victor is not a good fighter. When the fight is start Tony is the winner. But when they two are going home then Tony and Victor  saw a big snake. The snake is two big and Tony and Victor are two scared. After a second Tony said to Victor we know how to fight. Then Tony and victor fight to snake. After the fight Tony and Victor heart him selves.

One boy one legend


Once upon a time there was boy called Paul pogba. His dream was to be playing on a French football pitch in front of 2000 people screaming  his name . He loved to play football. He made football his life . He practiced where ever he went . At the age of 17  his dream came true, breaking and scoring through the net like a catapult from the halfway line. A year later when he was a the match . His dad got a call that their mother was found dead. That made pogba very  emotional . He stopped football for two years. Then later when he came back he was the best, the strongest and tallest . Then juventus signed him up for 89 million pounds. He made every different football fan to support Juventus . He stayed there for four years . After he wanted to make a move . He moved to Man U for more than 90 million pounds. He was now called pogba legend.


the two ninja part2

Suddenly Lloyd and Cole had finally arrived back at the ship when Sensai  Wu said you just came back i thought you two said that you would go and eat in McDonald  but when did we say that we said we will go to McDonald but then that’s what i  asked you, never mind but now sensai we came here because we saw a person and we think that we had saw lord garmadon but he said he wont return but maybe he tricked USSSS !!!!!

Sensai Wu quickly turned on the screen when a call appeared on the phone . Lloyd looked on the phone some name  saying Mathujan called . we have never saw any call like this before but they still answered it said kill you kill you and at the end it said I WILL KILL LLYOD !!!!!!

Suddenly on the street they saw a boy name Mathujan but that boy was so friendly and then a boy name rohith came with a sharp knife and nearly stabbed mathujan in the heart when Llyod came and used his golden sword and he was saved .

The next week the same boy mathujan  and the same boy rohith came with a sharper knife and stabbed in his heart his face his eyeball his back and on his leg . but they didn’t caught him because nobody can stop but then sensai wu came through and stabbed him in the neck .

What will happen next ?