Ninja Elementals 2


They have lost Cole. What can they do now with one man down. Try to figure out how they can win the tournament to get their master back  from the Dark Lord.  Also they are now forced to go to a tournament to win back their master. Do you think the Dark Lord is planning  something……..                                                                         

Now on Ninja Elemental s’….

After a terrible night in the arena from when Cole has been knocked out of the tournament.What can they do? The  only thing that they didn’t know about was where were the people who got knocked out of the tournament. They got their suits on and went downstairs to have their breakfast. The whole palace was fascinating on the outside and deadly and unbelievable in the inside. As they were eating their breakfast they saw  the next five fixtures. The next one for the ninjas is Lloyd vs Tanzana. Tanzana was one  of the Italian ninjas. 

It said the fight would starts in 5 hours and it would be in a arena called skeleton arena. Lloyd got ready by having a little training by using his enchanted dummy that can become real life.                         5 hours later……                                                                                                                                                                    Lloyd got sent to the arena and was waiting to fight the Italian. He had heard that the Italian can read minds and find out what Lloyd do next. The door opened and they were both terrified of the fight. The arena was full of bones and there was a huge skeleton that can knock on of them out.You can go to the next round if you survive this round!” said The Dark Lord. The fight began and the Italian stopped and read Lloyd’s mind. Lloyd then ran and shot one of his plasma beams at him. He missed but as soon as the Italian moved away it went back and blasted him.The skeleton took hold of him and threw him. He then screamed as his face went pass the bones.                                   Yes!”screamed the ninjas.

They all grabbed Lloyd and went to their beds. It was hard to carry Lloyd since he was muscular. The next match in the whole tournament was Blaze vs Steel. Blaze has super speed and Steel can turn into steel. Everyone in the crowd was hoping for steel to win but the ninjas wanted Blaze to win because they met him when they were in America when they fought the snakes 5 years ago. The arena was full of huge stones that were separated and there was a huge amount of water. The fight started and in a blink of an eye Blaze was running on water throwing Steel on the huge rocks. As Steel got up Blaze kicked,punched and threw Steel in the water and drowned him.                                   “Blaze wins!”screamed the Dark Lord.                                                                                                                               Everyone screamed and cheered for Blaze. 

They were going for lunch in the dining room and they all got fortune cookies. Kai opened one and it said ‘ you will get beaten’  and Jay’s one said `by the dark lord’. They all panicked and went back upstairs to their rooms.They were all thinking what the Dark Lord will do. They were looking everywhere and saw something behind their photos.They then saw a metal door behind their handsome photo.They were all looking at their photos closely and they were thinking if something was behind and what is the dark lord not telling them. They all lied on their beds and thinking about Cole. Suddenly when Jay was lying on his bed it just flipped over. He flew up and went to Kai,Lloyd and Zane rooms. He told them to lie on his bed. They all came and lied on his bed and nothing happened. 5 seconds later they flipped over and landed in a dark alleyway. Kai held a fireball in his hand and lit the way out. As soon as they stepped in a puddle they heard talking. The voice sounded familiar and they saw a dungeon door and the talking was louder. They got closer and saw Cole. They were all surprised and was asking how he got there.

He said the dark lord is trying to destroy all of the ninjas and rule the world. As they were talking they heard footsteps and hid. They saw guards and heard them talking about the dark lord and his plans. The first thing is that he is going to destroy all of the ninjas and rule the world. It was a simple plan but heart pounding for the ninjas. They went back and got out of Jay’s bed. They were all shocked and didn’t even blink when they went back to their rooms. They needed a plan to beat the dark lord but how. At least none of them went to the dungeons like Cole did. Now they know that the  Dark Lord is trying to destroy them. Also  they know that they will be locked in a dungeon and they would be starving to death.They would always have a dream of their master saying ‘never give up’. If you give up you will  never succeed.


Try to figure what the ninjas can do.

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