Waking up in the eerie, vast rocket I was wondering where I was . As the windows were pitch black so I couldn’t see where I was going . As I heard a loud thud I knew this wasn’t going to be a good day . As the door flung open I could sense that the mountains were glaring at every movement I made . 

I could smell decaying eggs which were hiding under the dancing leaves . As I clambered forward, I could see the sun which was a immense ball of oppersive gas . Also the wind came rushing towards me and smacked my face .

In the distance I could see a carpet of leaves looking like a carpet o f confetti which was leading to a black cloak enemy . The figures shadow had emerald green eyes . Glaring, he was slithering in a carpet of decay .

As he came forward he breathed on me and I couldn’t stand his breath . When he came forward he smashed my rocket in pieces . I felt vengeful and wanted to make him pay.  Staring at each other I knew he wasn’t a good person.

I got a narrow metal rod and smacked it on his face and blood was dripping out of his head , also this was red, crimson paint . For more than 20 minutes I had been smacking him even the wind blew him in a cage . The sun was delightful and no one had to see this person again. As the ended in a relief , the decaying leaves and branches didn’t even dance . The bleached skeleton was looking like a prehistoric beast . Then I decided to stay here as there was no way home .

This was an abysmal day .

Description of the woods

Walking in eerie night  sheet   I could smell rotten bread and decaying blueberries . As i stepped  forward  I  recognized that I was stepping in squelching mud .  On every tree there was glistening icicles which looked like diamonds  . I could hear bangs and crashes . At one moment there was a carpet of leave s which looked like a carpet of confetti .  I wondering what was behind the dancing leaves . The majestic trees stood tall and proud . Even the plants gave of a decaying smell . As I walked closer I could see a figure in the misty fog . The wind smacked my face like a hurricane. The vines tangled my body and I couldn’t move .  The purple blossoms covered the trees like butterflies. I couldn’t find the way out this was more like a maze . The trees were looking at every movement  I made .

This is how the woods looked like .