Waking up in the eerie, vast rocket I was wondering where I was . As the windows were pitch black so I couldn’t see where I was going . As I heard a loud thud I knew this wasn’t going to be a good day . As the door flung open I could sense that the mountains were glaring at every movement I made . 

I could smell decaying eggs which were hiding under the dancing leaves . As I clambered forward, I could see the sun which was a immense ball of oppersive gas . Also the wind came rushing towards me and smacked my face .

In the distance I could see a carpet of leaves looking like a carpet o f confetti which was leading to a black cloak enemy . The figures shadow had emerald green eyes . Glaring, he was slithering in a carpet of decay .

As he came forward he breathed on me and I couldn’t stand his breath . When he came forward he smashed my rocket in pieces . I felt vengeful and wanted to make him pay.  Staring at each other I knew he wasn’t a good person.

I got a narrow metal rod and smacked it on his face and blood was dripping out of his head , also this was red, crimson paint . For more than 20 minutes I had been smacking him even the wind blew him in a cage . The sun was delightful and no one had to see this person again. As the ended in a relief , the decaying leaves and branches didn’t even dance . The bleached skeleton was looking like a prehistoric beast . Then I decided to stay here as there was no way home .

This was an abysmal day .


There was a  group called Tia and in that group were 3 girls called Terah, Izzy and Abi.  Izzy had black, long hair. Abi had short light brown hair. Terah had long, light brown hair. One day Tia met for a sleep-over at Abi’s house . Before dinner, Tia started talking about what mysteries they had solved together as a group.

On Abi’s bed Izzy start’s boasting about all the mysteries she solved by herself. As the girls started to faces started to gloom as she said:

“Ha, Ha! You just got fooled.”

 At the same time Mrs Rose called:

“Dinnertime girls!”

While they were eating Terah and Abi were whispering and giggling about silly things. Feeling down Izzy went in the front-room on the mattresses. Out of nowhere the two girls screamed:

“You just got fooled!”

“Then what were you and Abi whispering and giggling about then?”  Izzy asked.

“Oh, we were just talking about nonsense.” Abi answered.

” Let’s promise each other from this day on we will never whisper about each other again.” said Terah

“Pillow fight!” Abi yelled. 

After an hour of pillow fighting Tia fell asleep.

The next day after lunch Izzy and Terah went home.

The moral this story is don’t fool anybody or else you’ll get fooled.