100 word challenge

When you look beneath the giraffe’s tail there was buzzing creatures . In the distance many clouds hovered above the giraffe’s slender neck . There was a gust of wind which smacked the giraffe’s face. The big ball of oppressive gas blazed on the giraffe’s soul. The buildings looked like a castle that towered majestically. When the gaunt giraffe looked down his dainty legs wobbled like a jelly. Seagulls squawked above the giraffe and there he was standing on one leg like he was from somebody from the circus. Before a second, the giraffe fell face flat on the floor.

That was a day a giraffe was like a gymnast .

100 word challenge

Over the horizon, I was walking through the woods. Suddenly all the lights went out and I was cloaked in a blanket of darkness . This woods was a spider-tangled maze . On every tree there was bleached skeletons and glistening icicles. It became apparent that I was stepping in squelching mud. The trees grabbed my ankles like bony fingers. My heart raced as the trees blocked the view. As I walked a twig rippled my skin and crimson red paint seeped out. In the distance , I saw a patch of misty light (sunlight) and it led to
” FREEDOM !”       I shouted Freedom and then ran off .

Can you critique my story ?

book recommendation


I would recommend this book to the age group between 6-15  and if you  like mysteries your in for a treat .  This book is about mi6 and Alex has a mission. You have to read this book. Younger students will like the intense moments and the mysteries Alex  has been through . If you like this book you could read the next books. There are so many amazing gadgets Alex needs to complete his first mission for MI6.  This book has many adventures and crazy thoughts would come in to your mind when you read this book .

This is an amazing book so you hope you read it .

Afterwards tell me all of the mysteries that are happening .

Can you predict what will happen next ?


You wouldn’t believe what a amazing day had yesterday We went to the Imperial war museum. I was so amazed when we went inside the Anderson shelter . I was annoyed because the sirens kept on going and the fighter planes were howling . I was shivering with fear because I thought there was bombings outside . I really wonder how children in ww2 were comfortable in the Anderson shelter? I wonder if they were ?

As I saw the enigma machine and I was surprised they had a real one. I wonder how did the British, French cracked the code. I tried to crack the code but it was really obscure . This machine was the hardest code to crack but some countries cracked it. Do you think you could crack the enigma machine?

I was despondent when I saw the Allpress family because they suffered through world war 2. As I looked at there faces I felt depressed because  they wouldn’t have any fun in there life. Would you like to be a child in ww2? The Allpress family’s house was concussion  because there was twelve people in on small house.

That was my day at the museum.

How long did ww2 last ?

I am going to tell you about ww2 and how long it last .

WW2 started on 1939 1 st of September and ended on 1945 2nd of September. This war lasted 6 years in Europe and 8 years in the Pacific. The Allies won Ww2 and this included Britain . Allies won because axis surrendered.

WW2 place across the globe and some of the places are Russia , Europe, Africa, Mediterranean Sea , Scandinavia , and southeast. Ww2 was important, especially for the Germans because they had defeated every country but not them altogether.

Don’t you think the war was important to every country because they don’t know if they are going to be defeated by the other countries. Did you know that the Axis started ww2? Over 60 million people died and that was 3 percent of the world . 3/4 of the Axiz died and a 1/4 of the Allies died .

This is about how long did ww2.


Waking up in the eerie, vast rocket I was wondering where I was . As the windows were pitch black so I couldn’t see where I was going . As I heard a loud thud I knew this wasn’t going to be a good day . As the door flung open I could sense that the mountains were glaring at every movement I made . 

I could smell decaying eggs which were hiding under the dancing leaves . As I clambered forward, I could see the sun which was a immense ball of oppersive gas . Also the wind came rushing towards me and smacked my face .

In the distance I could see a carpet of leaves looking like a carpet o f confetti which was leading to a black cloak enemy . The figures shadow had emerald green eyes . Glaring, he was slithering in a carpet of decay .

As he came forward he breathed on me and I couldn’t stand his breath . When he came forward he smashed my rocket in pieces . I felt vengeful and wanted to make him pay.  Staring at each other I knew he wasn’t a good person.

I got a narrow metal rod and smacked it on his face and blood was dripping out of his head , also this was red, crimson paint . For more than 20 minutes I had been smacking him even the wind blew him in a cage . The sun was delightful and no one had to see this person again. As the ended in a relief , the decaying leaves and branches didn’t even dance . The bleached skeleton was looking like a prehistoric beast . Then I decided to stay here as there was no way home .

This was an abysmal day .

Description of the woods

Walking in eerie night  sheet   I could smell rotten bread and decaying blueberries . As i stepped  forward  I  recognized that I was stepping in squelching mud .  On every tree there was glistening icicles which looked like diamonds  . I could hear bangs and crashes . At one moment there was a carpet of leave s which looked like a carpet of confetti .  I wondering what was behind the dancing leaves . The majestic trees stood tall and proud . Even the plants gave of a decaying smell . As I walked closer I could see a figure in the misty fog . The wind smacked my face like a hurricane. The vines tangled my body and I couldn’t move .  The purple blossoms covered the trees like butterflies. I couldn’t find the way out this was more like a maze . The trees were looking at every movement  I made .

This is how the woods looked like .